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Artist in Residence – 2005

Bureau for Cultural InterConnectivity

What is BCI?
The Bureau for Cultural Interconnectivity is a platform that encourages discussions and reflections on and active imagining of appropriate models of cultural productions in response to localised needs and conditions. Dialogues on BCI in Umea are currently initiated by Chu Yuan and Jay Koh, artists, cultural workers and organisers working mainly in Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore.
BCI also takes the form of a mobile resource (and possibly activity) centre hosted by various cultural or public organisations.
What happens during BCI sessions with cultural workers:
1. Two-way dialogue between Jay Koh and Chu Yuan with members of gallery/ staff of organisations hosting bci – on topics such as objectives, activities, and programmes of host organisation, audience and community profiles, local cultural content and models of cultural productions, public outreach, methodologies and approaches, grassroots networking, exchange etc.
2. exchange of information on resources for cultural collaborations
3. discussions of ideas for collaborations (intra- & interculturally)
What visitors will find at the Bureau:
1. information on cultural activities, events, organisations, cultural environment of Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and other countries in Asia.
2. consultation to persons with an idea or interest to work with art and cultural organisations in Asia.
3. consultation to persons interested to initiate or develop cultural collaborations (intra- & interculturally)
4. dialogue and exchange of information, ideas and views between Jay Koh and Chu Yuan with visitors.
The Bureau’s activities in Umeå
Verkligheten, Friday 28 Oct, 1 – 4 pm
Initial discussions with Umea artists on the idea and need for a bureau such as Bureau for Cultural Interconnectivity.
Invitation to artists for dialogue:
With artists’ mobility being on the rise, and many artist-run spaces and public art institutions worldwide that are involved in cultural exchange activities and residencies, and many artists who each year think up of hundreds of new ideas, models, concepts and projects on how to link people, places and issues; yet we are all working in rather restricted ways, in terms of finance, time and collaborative resources.
How can we find ways to extend the pool of collaborative resouces that various organisations and individuals can tap into? How can we deepen the necessary inter-organisational and inter-personal dialogue and understanding that can make or break a project? How can we make it more relevant, more responsive to local issues and concerns?
How do we develop models that will carry cultural production into the next 25 years? If we are to choose, what are the things that we want to carry forward and what to leave behind
Bildmuseet, Umeå University, Sunday 6 Nov, 1 – 4 pm.
Invitation to museum visitors:
What brings you to the museum? 
What would you like to experience when you come here? 
What is your favourite cultural activities in Umea?
We are Chu Yuan and Jay Koh, 2 artists from Malaysia/ Myanmar/ Singapore working in Umeå for 10 weeks. We would like to find out more about cultural experiences in Umeå, and we would like to tell you more about cultural experiences from other countries that we have worked in.

Konsthögskolan, Umeå University, 1 – 6 Nov (by appointment)
Invitation to students of Konsthögskolan:
Museum exhibitions; International Exhibitions; Cultural Exchanges; Artists-Residencies; Biennials; Galleries; Artists-run spaces; Artists-initiated projects – Can you imagine other models of cultural productions?
Which models would you be involved with when you leave school? BCI invites you to talk to us about your ideas for future activities.

Umeå Kultur, 7 Nov, 1.30 – 3.30 pm
Invitation to staff of Umeå Kultur:
We are Chu Yuan and Jay Koh, and through our project Bureau for Cultural Interconnectivity, we would like to initiate a dialogue with you.
We would like to understand more about cultural programming in Umeå and your involvement and experiences in facilitating and supporting cultural productions in Umeå.
Scheduled BCI activities for remainder of Chu Yuan and Jay Koh’s residency in Umeå:
1. Dialogue with staff of BildMuseet (between 21 – 25 Nov)
2. Dialogue with staff of Umeå Unemployment office, culture section (21 or 22 Nov)
3. Dialogue with students and staff who participated in Cultural Collaboration exchange programme between Konsthögskolan and Hanoi Fine Arts Academy, funded by SIDA
4. Follow-up discussions with artists of Galleri Verkligheten
5. Dialogue with youth from high school in education and art programmes.

Further Information about
Objectives of Bureau:
1. To encourage discussions and reflections on and active imagining of appropriate models of cultural productions in response to localised needs and conditions
2. To expand and extend the pool of collaborative resources
3. To develop intercultural competencies – each culture and context is specific – knowledge is locally rooted – we have to develop understanding of these local specificities in order to gain competence to work interculturally
4. To encourage intercultural, reciprocal exchange
- exchange not based on import and export of “the best of your and my culture” but motivated by person-to-person collaboration & honing of suitable models for identified contexts
- exchange that goes beyond individual experience of another culture – onto going onto contributing something of lasting effect to that culture – which in the first place must be based on what is ‘needed’ or applicable for that culture. – investigated and grounded within local structures
5. To develop discourses investigating models and ethics of intercultural engagements and collaborations
Activities of Bureau:
1. Mapping out of local cultural organisations and agencies in various localities, focusing on those with public-oriented character or with intercultural activities. visual arts activities, which includes information on objectives, activities, programmes, audience and community profiles, outreach methods, grassroots networks etc.
2. Offer consultation to individuals, groups, or organisations – with an idea, for any intercultural or interdisciplinary exchange or project – who becomes a client of the bureau
3. Offer relevant information and resources on cultural organisations operating in different localities, and specific areas of interests – to be accessed from a resource pool supported by resource persons/ organisations in different sites
4. Matching motivations, intentions, objectives with right agency on site – connecting the ‘client’ with a local resource person/ organisation to dialogue about idea and moulding it into something that is workable, applicable and responsive for the context(s) it will be applied in – the final partnership could be between the client and a non-arts oriented organisation
5. Possibility of involvement in raising funds for materialised projects; if not then in assisting project persons to raise funds by making available supporting literature and grantgivers contacts
6. Initiate dialogues investigating issues related to intercultural engagements and collaborations – e.g. examining models, methodologies and approaches; ethics of engagement and exchange; groundedness in local contexts; building local cultural content etc.

Jay Koh and Chu Yuan stays and work in Umeå – autumn 2005 – with their project: Bureau for Cultural InterConnectivity

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