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Artist in Residence – 2006

Rebellion night
Verkligheten, Oct.27th 2006, 10 p.m. on

Rebellion Night is a film screening night  and a party.
Films I would like to present feature actions of socially engaged artists and activists whose work falls in between resistance and creativity, culture and politics, art and life.
You are welcome to bring your video, footage or any documentation about socially engaged movements of any kind, anywhere. If so, please tell us few words about the material before the screening.
We will screen everything, no judgments will be made, we want to know more, not value anything. If necessary, we will do breaks or discussions.
This is going to be a party, bring your own bottle, bring food, good mood and dress revolutionary or as you like.
The program includes:

Reclaim the Streets Carnival Against Capital, June 18th 1997 subcultures: anti-road movement
rave culture – free party culture direct action prefigurative models of protest reclaiming public space
Le Ma! Documentary about the occupation of the independent cultural and political space – gay club Le Madame, Warsaw 2006
Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination autonomous spaces including: Chris Graham – Pay Back
Planka’s Free Transport Worshop and Tube Party Richard Dedomenici’s – Big Flyerposters Draw The Centre for Tactical Magic’s – Transformation – Free Ocult Services Project Unreality TV’s – Faulty Camera Action The Institute of Nomadology Jim Dunkley’s – Beer Can Orchestra The Space Hijackers Wonder’s – Department Store’s Sells Trash My Dads Strip Club’s – Urban Decoy Cityzen’s death of the product The Vacuum Cleaner’s – Prayers to Product Yomango – cause you can’t buy happiness Saher’s – Underground Subversion Risk’s – Urban Climbing Do Summat’s – Subvertising The people’s Golfing Association N.A.T.O’s – March for Capitalism C.I.R.C.A’s – Feast of the Insurrectionary Imagination The Space Hijackers Present the A-Z of Retail Tricker Richard Dedomenici – Cable-Tie The Space Hijackers – A Party Organized On the Circle Line [London Underground], March 14th 2003 C.I.R.C.A. – Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army Desmantelemos Idra / Desmantelemos la economia de guerra Rethinking Space Institute for New Culture Technologies Shopping is the New Religion Can you hear us?
BBC documentary about three very different protesters who headed to Gleneagles earlier this year to persuade the gathered world leaders to take steps to help save the planet from destruction.

Umeå volcano
24 nov-7 dec 2006

Umeå Volcano is an idea for a public project suggested by the Polish artist Joanna Rajkowska. It is an open suggestion, to be discussed, modified, developed by anyone who wishes to participate.
It is an attempt to create a place inbetween home and public spaces. In this place, people in Umeå can meet under different circumstances. Here, the purposes and activities are not predefined. You can make a fire and activate the volcano. You can talk to somebody you’ve never met before.
We don’t have a volcano in Umeå. Maybe we ought to have one?

Umeå… It seems it has no characteristics. But it’s tense, distinct, strong. North of Sweden, a little town in a harsh climate.
My first weeks here were quite euphoric. An intimate euphoria which you experience, when you finally, after months of chaos and distraction come to a place were no one bothers you, no one even tries to enter your world. You are in a cell, in a bubble, all alone.
I felt my thoughts becoming clearer. The process of going inward was a great pleasure. Up to the certain moment. This moment when you dramatically want to share something… anything, when all this burden, that grew in you for weeks, needs to be expressed.
I realized this was not just my case of being a stranger.
People around me, when I looked closer at them, were not at ease, there was a tension in them, which, I felt, was not a result of a past week or even month of silence. It was a consequence of isolation that lasted for years. They are volcanos themselves. I think actually that I am a similar case.

Imagine a volcano that is 10-12-15 meters high. Its structure is built out of metal beams, covered with wood and concrete. The slopes look like natural rock, they have an uneven, corrugated surface that is partly overgrown by grass.
There is a furnace placed inside of the volcano and a chimney that reaches the top of the whole structure.  The volcano has openings so that people can come inside. It is bright inside – the light comes through the opening on the top and many little skylights placed in the surface of the shell.
The volcano gets activated when people make a fire in the furnace and smoke floats out of the hole in the roof. It becomes warm inside then, smells of wood and one can sit on a bench placed inside and enjoy the shelter. It is designed as a place where people can hang out together.

Joanna Rajkowska is a visual artist
Born 1968 in Bydgoszcz, Poland

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