Mary Coble and Blithe Riley

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Artist in Residence – 2012

For the month of February 2012 Coble/Riley Projects will be on the IASPIS Residency Program in Umeå, Sweden. The duo consists of Mary Coble and Blithe Riley.
Mary Coble and Blithe Riley (Coble/Riley Projects) have been collaborating for three years making performance-based videos that result from interactions with the sites they visit.

Approaching site through performance, they are interested in making temporary gestures within environments— engaging with the physical properties of the location, its history, and surrounding present-day context. Their work specifically engages with sites that are in some process of transition. These places exist in a grey area where they are about to take on a new life.

For them SITE is not only about location, but also through the experiences of the people that interact with the place. Part of their practice includes dialog and research, and they are adamant about not going into places with an over-determined plan. While their process is very much rooted in notions of site-specificity, they seek to draw out themes that are relevant beyond one specific location.

In Umea, they will take a similar approach, research the city and create series of experimental works that respond to and interpret the environment.

They be writing daily on their blog sharing their praxis at:

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