The city as an Arena

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A one day seminarn 
25 october 2007  on Art and Architecture in public Spaces
Moderator: Mårten Arndtzén, art critic

What can architecture and art do with public spaces?
Contemporary art is often socially critical. Art as an object – reduced only to its beauty – is something artists more and more have come to doubt.
Instead art now asks questions and takes part in the political debate. The issue is no longer form – but content. Is architecture going the same way? Is it about organization and planning, or does it, like art, challenge us and pose questions?
Contemporary art and architecture are now approaching each other. Artist-initiated projects increasingly take place in architectural spaces. Likewise, the architecture of today often has a conceptual approach, where the content and the idea behind the building is as important as the design. Like art, the architecture of today functions as a conveyor of meaning for our contemporary social debate.
In this seminar we hope to investigate the new roles of art and architecture and what they together can achieve.

Kent Andersson, artist

Dr. Brigitte Franzen is a researcher and author on art and cultural subjects. Currently a fellow at the Centre of Garden Art and Landscape Architecture at the University of Hanover, she co-directs transdisciplinary research on “Microlandscapes: Landscape on the Move” funded by the Transdisciplinary Tandem Program of the Volkswagen Foundation. Until the summer of 2003 she was assistant professor at the Institute of Art History, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Graz, Austria. In 2002/03 she was a member of the board of directors of Forum Stadtpark in Graz. She has published widely on contemporary art and architecture with special emphasis on gardens and landscape. Curator of Skulptur Project Munster 2007.

Zoran Eric is an art historian, curator, and lecturer from Belgrade University and Chair of the Society for Art History, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Currently curator at the Museum of Modern Art Belgrade. His subject is art in the urban environment.

Vesa Honkonen, works in his own office in Helsinki in the field of architecture, lighting design, interior design and design. From 1993 till 1998 he worked with Steven Holl in New York and Helsinki as Kiasma’s project architect. Co operation continues still. Now his projects vary from large scale urban lighting and interior lighting commissions to interior design, public buildings, one family houses and lighting fixture design. He has projects in Finland, Norway, France, Switzerland and is at the moment expanding to USA. One goal is to find projects, where the architectural and lighting design skills could be combined.

Ingo Vetter, artist and professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University. Studies at the College of Art in Bremen, Konstfack in Stockholm and atthe Academy of Plastic Arts in Munich. Ingo Vetter creates objects, photographic series, room installations, interactive playing rooms and art in public spaces; his topics include “Entrepreneur of himself”, “Life long learning” and a “Picture of the global occasional worker.”

Matts Leiderstam is born in 1956 in Gothenburg. For the last years in his work Matts has been combining art history and contemporary social issues. In his exhibition Solen he takes a starting point in an ideal of beauty deriving from the French painter Claude Lorrains landscape paintings.
A model which was used in the 1600th
England as a way of seeing and searching for the picturesque landscape. In September 2006 Matts defended a thesis in art at the Art Academy in Malmö. His exhibition at Verkligheten arise from this work.

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